Schedule 2018-2019

Nature Days:

8-9.30 _________________________________ Arrival & Free Play

9.30-11.30 _______________________________ Outdoor Activities

12 ________________________________________________ Lunch

12.30-2 ________________________________ Kindergarden Prep

2.30 _____________________________________________ Pickup

School Days:

8-9.30 _________________________________ Arrival & Free Play

9.30 ________________________________ Circle Time & Snack

10.30 _______ Rotating Activities: Art, Yoga, Cooking Classes,                        STEM Experiments, Gardening & Sensory Play 

11-12 ___________________________________________ Free Play

12-12.30 ___________________________________________ Lunch

12.30-2.30 ______________________________ Kindergarten Prep

2.30 _____________________________________________ Pickup

During morning free play children typically have the option to participate in a sensory or art invitation that is laid out. Circle time consists of German songs and a stories. At the park we explore different areas including the Japanese Tea Garden, hiking trails and of course the playground. Our classes and projects follow the morning snack. After lunch we spend an hour indoors deepening our knowledge of weekly topics, exploring early literacy & numeracy and practicing fine motor skills. The curriculum follows monthly and weekly themes that follow the seasons, holidays and other topics. These are playfully woven into different aspects of the program such as songs, books or projects. 

What will my child need?

  • Waterbottle

  • Hiking backpack

  • Flexible lightweight sneakers with good grip

  • Sun hat and sunscreen

  • Rain boots and rain coat (only in winter)

On Nature Days, when we are out at the park all morning, it is best to dress your child in comfortable clothing that allows total freedom of movement such as leggings or sweatpants, a t-shirt and longsleeve shirt/hoodie for layering. Structured pants, jeans, long skirts and dresses may get in the way of running, climbing, sliding or cartwheels. Every day there is a chance that we will get messy with mud, paints and grass stains so leave their nicer outfits at home. Always pack a change of clothes for your child or leave one at school in their cubby. At the school building we will spend most of our time barefoot. If your child has sensitive feet or you prefer them to be in shoes send some ‘house shoes’ for them such as crocs, flip flops, slippers or other clean shoes that are easy to slip on and off. We prepare healthy homemade mostly organic lunches. A fruit bowl is set out during the mornings for kids to help themselves and they receive a snack in the morning and afternoon. Make sure to inform us of any allergies or aversions so we can try to accommodate them.